Mind-Body Movement is Key in Mental Health & Well-Being

Sunday May 28, 2023

A balanced life is a healthy and happy life.

I learned a long time ago to plan my day around my workout. This guarantees scheduled movement during my busy days. In fact, I started this habit over 30 years ago and have continued it ever since. It’s literally programmed in my mind and body to live and work this way.

So, I wanted to take a minute (or two!) to go over why this is a good idea and why every business owner should consider working and living this way.

  1. Movement improves cognitive performance.

Research shows how exercise improves cognitive function and performance. More specifically, exercise can improve strategic planning, attention to detail, problem-solving, verbal reasoning, and working memory. It’s also thought to prevent neurodegeneration, including that which can contribute to dementia.

All of this is to say that moving primes the mind to work efficiently and effectively. In turn, you can show up as your best self and truly give your business your all.

  1. It helps you lead by example.

I’m a firm believer in leading by example in all areas of my life, especially when it comes to

health. If you’re telling people to live a healthy life, but you’re not in shape yourself, it can create various misalignments. Not only that, but you’re not taking care of yourself in the best way possible, which can lead to a decline in your decision-making and problem-solving processes.

Thus, in this industry, we need to first take care of ourselves and lead by example with proper exercise, nutrition, sleep, and community. We are so lucky to have the resources and knowledge available to us to do so, but also unlucky in the fact that this industry is fast-moving and leaves little time to exercise (Back to my above point here: Plan your day around intentionally movement!).

  1. Exercise relieves stress and increases endorphins.

IHRSA reports have shown how many individuals participated in exercise throughout the pandemic to cope with stress. This comes as no surprise since we know exercise releases endorphins, which help us feel good and help combat stress. Research further shows how regular exercise is associated with increased emotional resilience when it comes to acute stress.

Working in a fast-paced environment, those of us in the fitness industry are undeniably susceptible to stress (in reality, any business owner is!). Yet, exercise can offer not only a physical health boost but also a way to reduce stress and stay level-headed.

And there are many ways to encourage this in your working environment! At the corporate office of Family Fitness Centers (now 24 Hour Fitness), we had a program where you could actually win rewards for exercising. This led many of us to develop regular exercise habits that many of us still perform to this day.

Do you exercise regularly? How do you fit it into your busy day in this ever-changing fitness industry?