We offer a number of services to take your marketing to the next level.
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Digital Marketing

Website Design, Build & Maintenance

We will build a custom website that will be the foundation for your marketing goals and unique digital home for your brand. Your website is the hub of your social leads and as such, we will work with you to optimize your landing pages to promote high conversion rates and a positive user experience. Our custom sites are built so that your team can manage group exercise schedules, new promotions and club updates independently with ease. We will provide lead and traffic reporting on a monthly basis.

E-Mail Marketing (New Lead Audience)

We will mindfully identify your company’s target demographic for each location, design campaigns that build brand awareness, and build trust with your prospect audience from first point of contact. From graphic design elements to engaging content, to your customized landing pages, we will optimize your lead campaigns through to conversion.

E-Mail Marketing (Member Audience)

We will continuously nurture and build brand loyalty with your club members through the creation of meaningful and engaging email newsletter content (optimized for both mobile and desktop). Through your collaborative efforts in curating and sharing content with us, we will highlight member testimonials, community stories, club features, class highlights and events. Your email marketing campaigns will continue to nurture a sense of community for your members, encouraging word-of-mouth referrals and new member prospects.

Internet Marketing

Making your brands easy-to-find and hard-to-ignore is our focus. Digital services include creative, research, strategy and planning and report analysis.

Social Media Marketing

With over thirty-five years of experience in fitness marketing and advertising, we provide a solid knowledge base of effective marketing techniques in this competitive industry. Through the creation of meaningful and inspiring content, along with comprehensive ad strategies, we support you to attract new members, and keep current members engaged. Our proven social media marketing strategies across various social platforms result in high new member conversions as well as increased member loyalty and retention.

Search Engine Optimization

Let us build your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy to drive more traffic to your website.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO analysis of your site includes an experienced SEO advisor to identify opportunities where your website ranking can be improved.


We provide detailed monthly reports outlining the success of your SEO strategy and ROI.

Keyword Research

We research the most effective keywords for your business.

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Promotions Campaigns


Stacy has successfully negotiated promotions with NFL players, professional baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey sports teams, restaurants and retailers to create additional new members to your health club.

Referral Program Creation and Implementation

We specialize in the creation and implementation of various member referral programs such as, but not limited to: Monthly enter to win campaigns, weight loss challenges, Vacation certificate promotions, Buddy Gift promotions, mid-month and end of the month open houses and parties. Personal Training and Group exercise member referral programs all targeted to “bring in a friend or family member”. Member retention programs will be motivational emails and texts including “where have you been”, “blast from the past” special add on rates, and “we want you back” promotions.

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Pre-Sales Marketing

New Club Membership Growth (Pre-Sale Marketing)

We understand the importance of a successful pre-sale to your overall business goals and our expertise in this area will support the growth of a solid membership base prior to opening the doors for active workouts. We have successfully pre-sold over 200 health and fitness clubs throughout the U.S. We offer comprehensive pre-sale strategies starting with local market research to the creation of your complete multi-channel pre-sale tool kit including but not limited to: Banners, charter boards, grassroots outreach, and digital marketing plan customized for your budget.

Grand Opening Events & Marketing

Having created and implemented the marketing plans of over 350 plus club openings throughout the U.S., we understand the importance of a successful grand opening. Our proven strategy for day/week/month grand openings will attract new and existing members supporting the success of your launch and create a sense of community on which to build upon.

Event Management

Stacy Justin Advertising is extremely detailed in planning events, from small intimate business luncheons to award ceremonies with 1500+ attendees. We work with your budget to create successful events and meaningful experiences for all attendees.

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Print, Direct Mail

Direct Mail

We will effectively target your demographic and geographic local area with Direct Mail. Our Solo Postcards are proven results driven in branding and gaining new members. Our prices will fit any budget.

Print Advertising

Newspaper, Magazines, Coupon giveaways, Guest Passes

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Guerilla Marketing

Grassroots Marketing Strategy and Execution

We will cost-effectively maximize the grassroots marketing reach in your local geographic target area through the creation of engaging offers with digital and print marketing assets. Included, but not limited to: Social Media Pages, Website development, guest passes, sticky Post-its, rack cards, lead boxes, door hangers and rate reservations.

College marketing & promotions

Advertising to the student target market is specific in alignment with the College or School calendars and community. Stacy Justin Advertising can create cost-effective cross-promotions based on your budget.

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Media & Design

Graphic Design

Top notch highly creative graphic design with years of experience in many industries specializing in the fitness industry.

Logo Development

From initial discovery, through to the final logo approval, we work with you to develop a logo that best represents the brand of your business.

Media Services/buying and planning

Television, Cable and Radio. We can successfully target new potential members with a high reach and frequency rate. We have used broadcast media buying for health clubs in the U.S., including but not limited to Script writing, editing, graphics, production and promotions.

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1:1 Consulting

All-Things Consulting

Our advertising, business knowledge and experience will be beneficial for your company new or existing. We are available for all aspects of consulting. Let us become your advertising managers.

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Public Relations

Press Releases

Get your business submitted to top Distribution Networks and distribute your news.


The monthly newsletter is a fantastic effective way to engage your members by providing them with fitness and nutrition tips, club and group exercise updates and highlights. The newsletter will also include promotions along with member testimonials, prize winners.

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Promotional Items

Promotional Items (Buddy Gifts)

Included but not limited to T-shirts, towels, sport bags, sport bottles, hats, tank tops, sweatshirts, Uniforms, Spinners, A Frames, Flags, Lawn Signs. Our 35 years in the business is a benefit for the best quality for the lowest cost for all promo and uniform items. We are known to send quality items only. We can put your logo in anything and everything!

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Partnering Companies

Local Business Co-op marketing

Stacy Justin Advertising will cross promote with local vendors for little to no cost to your business. Include giveaways, displays, lead referral programs and more.

Collaboration of Fitness & Wellness

Stacy and her team’s many contacts in the Fitness & Wellness space has allowed Stacy Justin Advertising to create & build successful events for their contacts.

Corporate/Business to Business Marketing

Tools to include but not limited to: Digital & Print Brochures, Electronic Presentations, Logo Tents, Table cloths, Booth Displays.

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Company Startups

Brand Development

We work with your business to create and integrate brand consistency across all print and digital marketing channels, resulting in a solid and trustworthy foundation for all of your marketing efforts.

Business Plan Development

With our 35 years of experience in the industry, we support you with our health and fitness business acumen to build a solid foundation for your business by supporting you in the following areas (but not limited to): Operations, construction, city planning, the creation of sales and operations manuals, logo and brand development and comprehensive digital and multichannel marketing materials.

Operations Consulting

We will apply our extensive experience in the fitness industry, including operations management to create effective systems throughout all departments, hiring procedures and comprehensive operations consulting to support the success of your business. We will work with your management and owners’ teams to create appropriate documentation, forms and manuals to support your newly created systems.

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Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic Marketing and Advertising

SJA has 14 years of Hispanic Marketing in U.S. & Mexico. Whether you need your website to display in Spanish or your Hispanic based market properly targeted, SJA delivers results.

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