How to Encourage Physical Activity within Your Fitness Business

Sunday May 28, 2023

A balanced life is a healthy and happy life.

I was learned a long time ago to plan my day around my workout. This guarantees scheduled movement during my busy days. In fact, I started this habit over 30 years ago and have continued it ever since. It’s literally programmed in my mind and body to live and work this way.

Working in a fast-paced environment, those of us in the fitness industry are undeniably susceptible to stress (in reality, any business owner is!). Yet, exercise can offer not only a physical health boost but also a way to reduce stress and stay level-headed.

And there are many ways to encourage this in your working environment!

At the corporate office of Family Fitness Centers (now 24 Hour Fitness), we had a program where you could actually win rewards for exercising. This led many of us to develop regular exercise habits that many of us still perform to this day.

You could also create challenges amongst your staff. Who can do the most push-ups in a month? Who can beat their own personal bests with their lifts?

There are so many benefits to encouraging your staff and co-workers to stay active! I can’t encourage this enough. So, how do you keep your business (and co-workers or staff) physically active? How do you walk the walk and talk the talk?