Hiring a General Marketing Agency VS Hiring a Marketer in Your Niche

Sunday May 28, 2023

Getting your marketing and advertising dialed in is essential for any fitness business. You need to have a plan for obtaining new clients—and keeping them. Yet, the thing about the fitness industry is that there are many important considerations when it comes to marketing, like focusing on your local community by sharing member experiences, creating an enticing referral program, and finding and keeping staff who are committed to changing lives.

The good news is that hiring an advertising and marketing expert who knows the intricate workings of the fitness industry can propel your company forward toward where you want to be. It can also avoid the pitfalls that come with doing the “wrong” things and draw on their experience, helping you thwart mistakes they may have already made—and helping you work within the somewhat tight margins within the fitness industry.

You can probably guess where this is all going; Yes, I am encouraging you to hire someone, like our agency, for your fitness business as opposed to a generic marketing agency. And I’ve got a handful of more reasons why!

I Speak the Language

I literally live and breathe the fitness lifestyle. From staying active in my personal life to working alongside some of the biggest fitness giants, I already know the backend of what’s going on and how to optimize it.

You and your team don’t need to worry about breaking your business down for the marketing consultant or worry about having tons of calls to figure that side of things out, before moving forward with a plan. Simply put (and not to toot my own horn), I have over 35 years of experience in the fitness industry—meaning I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. I have vast experience and knowledge that I can bring to the table.

I Know It Takes a Collaborative Approach

As I previously mentioned above, I’ve been in the trenches of the fitness industry. From focusing on marketing, but also sales and operations, to building executive-level systems, I pride myself on being a leader in marketing for large chains and small studios. Throughout the last three to four decades, I’ve also come to realize the importance and necessity of collaborating with sales and fitness teams to create marketing that truly produces results.

This often means not just including the owners and decision-makers in marketing meetings, but also including key sales team members. The relationship with the sales team is vital to create the best marketing outcomes since they are the ones who have the relationships with members and potential clients. It’s all about closing that loop and making sure the strategy makes sense in all corners.

I’ve Got Systems for Fitness Businesses Ready-to-Go!

Not only do I speak the language, but with my many years in fitness marketing, I have a number of great step-by-step tool kits such as pre-sale, grand opening, operations, and sales manuals. I’ve also helped start up other international groups of clubs, creating structure in marketing, purchasing, equipment ordering, and layout systems.

So, what does this all mean? Well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Successful systems have already been created, tried, and proven. We just need to implement them in your fitness business.

If you’re ready to do that, reach out to me today. At Stacy Justin Advertising, we are a marketing agency in the fitness and wellness space that focuses on results-driven marketing strategies that drive member experience and brand relevancy. I offer Free Marketing Consultations, so we can better understand how we can work together and ultimately, reach your business goals.